Health 101: Reasons Why “Soft Drinks” are Bad For Your Health

Carbonated drinks equally called “soft drinks” are consumed for their refreshing abilities but the probability of experiencing side effects from the carbonated drinks increases as consumption increases too. Although, the ingredients in carbonated drinks are deemed safe by the food and drug administration, still these beverages causes its own side effects. Here are some possible […]

On Health: 2 Million Nigerians Are Infected with Hepatitis B & C | Check Other Disturbing Facts

In preparation of the World Hepatitis Day tomorrow (Thursday), with the theme, “Hepatitis Elimination”. Dr. David Olusegun Said hepatitis, including A, B, and C, were distinct diseases that usually affect the liver and manifest different symptoms and treatments and he also stated that 500 million people around the world were currently infected with chronic hepatitis B […]

Tragic: 10-Year-Old Boy Dies Of LASSA Fever In Ebonyi State

A second Lassa fever death has been recorded in Ebonyi state, the state’s commissioner for health revealed. According to the commissioner, Dr. Daniel Umezurike, a 10-year old boy had died from the virus shortly after being discharged from the Federal Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki. Umezurike said: “The incident is unfortunate. The deceased was a pupil of one of […]

Banana Can Help In Detecting Cancer | See How

Bananas, upon ripening, become covered in certain black round spots which are caused by an enzyme called tyrosinase. The same tyrosinase can be found in human skin, a larger quantity in persons suffering from melonama, a potentially deadly form of skin cancer. The enzyme is not very obvious in the earliest stage 1 of cancer, […]

5 Things You Should Know About Lassa Fever

Lassa fever is an acute viral hemorrhagic illness caused by Lassa virus. It is transmitted to humans from contacts with food or household items contaminated with rodent excreta. Person-to-person infections and laboratory transmission can also occur, particularly in the hospital environment in the absence of adequate infection control. Popular in certain parts of West Africa, […]