Prostitutes Offer Free S*x Nationwide to Celebrate Youth Day.

Prostitutes have set tongues seriously wagging as they announce a s*x free day across the nation to celebrate youths. Prostitutes in South Africa have said they are offering free s*x in celebration of what they called Youth Day. According to South Africa Latest News, the National Association of Mavuso (NAM), the s*x workers’ association, has said […]

See How White Slave Traders Brutalised Naked Black Slave Women | See Photos

Sexual assault of black female humans was very common during the slave trade era as practiced by white people who degraded their Africans to assets rather than fellow  human beings. Sexual assaults of female black slaves by white male plantation owners, their sons, brothers and other male acquaintances were heartlessly perpetrated unhindered in the 15th and 19th […]


Dear diary, My life has been crazy…..every morning I wake up with a lot on my mind and nothing in my head….weird right??, I know. So its been over 2months now and trust me itz been really long with alotta wrong things happening at the wrong time. Haven’t heard from Segun since he travelled, and […]


Dear diary, So Segun has traveled and I miss him like crazy..I went to church and was stil thinking about him..ha Funkeee better come back to your senses..and do that really fast….thats what I’ve been saying to myself since morning. I attend redeem..well…sometimes…honestly am a church whore…I go to different churches every sunday…there was a […]

Troubled Maria Part 2

I am Maria Cole nee Maria Brown, back then in Uni, my friends would call me MB, I didn’t like it at first but by the time I was in 200l, I had gotten used to it. I finished from the University of Ibadan, I used to be a teacher even though I put in […]


Dear Diary, Hmmmm, I honestly dunno what to just really really really happy and really really “tired” if you know what I mean…u can see I dint write anytin yestday…my whole day was spent with Segun andtwas so muh fun that I even  forgot that I had a diary sef. Ok ok…this is how […]