[Event] The Sound of Purple: Purple Dragon Drinks Official Launch

Purple Dragon is a drinks service that provides cocktails, shots and mocktails for events and parties. By popular demand Purple Dragon is opening a bar service to provide their drinks to every interested person on a weekly basis. The service is a Sundays only experience, where Purple Dragon makes cocktails et al at OMC Lounge/Bar, Barika Junction Ibadan.

Purple Dragon is launching this service with a jam session titled The Sound of Purple, which is headlined by the For The City and Nobody crooner, Eri Ife. Vader, Sorple, tGM, Naza, Impeccable and a host of others will be performing live on that day as well as debuting some of their singles. The session will also have spoken word by Alani Poe and the debut of some never-seen-before cocktails: The Whistle Blower and the All-Nigerian Badass. The opening session costs N300, which comes with a drink that can be ordered from the extensive menu. The session will be at 6:05pm, Sunday April 23rd, 2017.

Purple Dragon drinks are of the best quality, utilizing fresh fruit juice and an attention to detail seen only in the most exclusive bars around the world. Purple Dragon drinks also offer competitive pricing and can boast of being the most affordable cocktail service in the city of Ibadan; with a passion to serve happiness, Purple Dragon is a startup that brings art and passion to the science of mixology.

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