Meet the Chinese Robot Goddess Who Looks Exactly Like a Human

As seen in the TechWorld:

China’s life-like ‘robot goddess’, Jia Jia, impressed the public by holding conversations with participants at a conference in Shanghai today.

The realistic AI humanoid, which was unveiled last April, also made specific facial expressions when asked various questions, including whether or not she had a boyfriend.

Her inventor predicted that within a decade or so, artificially intelligent (AI) robots like Jia Jia would begin performing a range of menial tasks in Chinese restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals and households.

China is indeed centuries ahead in terms of technology.13mvvbq3z19dcc41574db190e7db-4102166-the_humanoid_robot_jia_jia_can_hold_a_simple_conversation_and_ma-a-2_1483976634930 3bfe1eba00000578-4102166-image-a-4_1483978342923 3bfd80c900000578-4102166-image-a-6_1483978355420

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