Revealed: How Sperm Fights Cancer in Women

In an interesting research, it was found that sperm can help in fighting cancer in women. Scientists are testing a new way to administer cancer medication to female patients. And it uses a delivery material men have loads of: sperm. Researchers at the Institute for Integrative Nanosciences in Germany have been looking into natural carrier […]

Nigeria Has More Than 2million Recorded Cases of Cancer

The Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria has revealed a not so shocking fact that Nigeria has over 2million recorded cases of probably the deadliest disease in the world, Cancer. The Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria on Saturday said that Nigeria has over two million recorded cases of cancer with 100, 000 […]

How Was Used to Con Nigerians For Over 40 million Naira | Details

A young lady  named Mayowa Ahmed reached out to Nigerians for help earlier this month and the good people of Nigeria heard her cries. Mayowa and her family cried out for help because she had Ovarian Cancer. She had been bedridden at LUTH for many weeks and her cancer is now beyond treatment. Her parents however went ahead to […]

Banana Can Help In Detecting Cancer | See How

Bananas, upon ripening, become covered in certain black round spots which are caused by an enzyme called tyrosinase. The same tyrosinase can be found in human skin, a larger quantity in persons suffering from melonama, a potentially deadly form of skin cancer. The enzyme is not very obvious in the earliest stage 1 of cancer, […]

Photo: Annie Idibia Poses For Breast Cancer Shoot.

In raising awareness for cancer, Annie posed for a Breast Cancer-inspired shoot by makeup artist Banjo Laide of ArabyLaide and photographer,Emmanuel Oyeleke, tagged #FightTheOdds. In the photos we see Annie with a bald head, no makeup, and topless. The purpose of this shoot is to “to create more awareness about cancer and the importance of self examination. Recent studies have […]