Phyno Replies Hushpuppi In Style For Saying He Wears Fake Wrist Watches

Instagram big boy Hushpuppi called out Ice Prince and Phyno for wearing fake Patek watches. While Ice Prince hasn’t said anything, Phyno has reacted, with the whole US and Nigerian Army. The Enugu born rapper listed some of his unnamed achievement in series of Snapchat post, but ended it all by saying Hushpuppi will live and die for Gucci. See the posts below:  

Hushpuppi Slams Ice Prince And Phyno, Calls Them Hypocrites

Popular internet sensation Hushpuppi has accused two Nigerian rappers Ice Prince and Phyno of being hypocrites.   Hushpuppi who often criticizes people wearing fake luxury designers tackled the fact that Ice Prince and Pyhno once wore a fake Patek Phillipe watch in a video. He wrote, “if you don’t want people to patronize pirated copy of your work, […]