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10 Health Facts That Can Make You Live Longer & Sickness Free | Read


10 Health Facts That Can Make You Live Longer & Sickness Free | Read

There are common things we do or take for granted that turns out to be quite harmful to our health.

Here are 10 health facts that can help make you live a long and health life:

  1.  Any food you consume after 8 P.M. everyday is equally a poison to your body
  2.  If you can follow the water therapy for 3 months religiously, your skin, your body and your organs begins to function well?
  3.  Do you know too much red meat is very dangerous to your health?
  4.  Do you know people who smile always live longer, look younger and are more healthier than their counter part who does not?
  5.  For every bottle of soft drink and/or beer you consume, you have just taken 9cubes and 44cubes of sugar respectively, and it takes 7 days or more for it to wash off your body; men increase their likelihood of having a heart attack by 20 percent.
  6.  Fried meat is a killer; It is damaging your body.
  7.  People who do not take breakfast are going to have a lower blood sugar level.
  8.  Drinking water only when you are thirsty is obtaining a license to damage your liver.
  9.  Holding your urine when you are supposed to let go is another way you are damaging your liver and kidney.
  10.  Adding salt into your food when it is already served is another way of slowly poisoning yourself and vital organs?

Clement Ogunbajo

I'm the definition of 'Dynamic'. A mathematician, analyst and info nerd. I'm my own BOSS.

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