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Another Kardashian/ Jenner Oddity


Another Kardashian/ Jenner Oddity

Many of us have seen Mr Bones, yeah the movie, anybody remembers how they greet in it. Well the Kardashian/Jenner clan have their own way of greeting now and it is not slapping faces, it is licking super sexy tight sexy abs. Judging from Khloé Kardashian’s recent Instagram post of a pretty bizarre embrace between her and 19 yeard old model little sis Kendall Jenner, that’s exactly how the famous duo greets each other. Khloe captioned the pic:
“I missed her so much and those abs were irresistible!!!! #SisterSister,”
The sisters look fit and fabulous in matching black ensembles and brightly colored neon kicks as Kendall covers her mouth (From shock? From laughter? From disgust? It could be anything) when 31-year-old KoKo wraps her arm around her sister’s waist and gets a taste of Kenny’s rock-hard abs. But then again when you take a good look at Kendall’s abs you’re not suprised Khloe couldnt help but taste it.


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