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Antonio Conte Might get Sacked- Shearer Reveals!!!


Antonio Conte Might get Sacked- Shearer Reveals!!!

Newcastle legend, Alan Shearer, has given reason it would not wrong if Chelsea sack manager Antonio Conte.

Conte has been under intense pressure after series of poor performance in recent games with speculation he will be sacked if his side lose to West Brom Monday evening.

Conte had, while reacting to the speculations of his sack, said he believes it would be ‘stupid’ to dismiss him at Stamford Bridge.

But Shearer, a Premier League legend,said

“Chelsea have a history of success after changing their manager – and it’s possible it could have the same effect again”.

“The problem for Conte is that the “stupid way” appears to have worked for Chelsea in the past.

“It seems that instability is the new stability.

“Unfortunately against all common sense it seems the Blues have been onto something for some time — the constant ‘bounce back’ that a new manager gives them.

“Perhaps that is what the modern player needs. There is no loyalty anymore to badge or manager.

“It has become a very selfish industry in that way. Too many are out for themselves rather than the collective good of the club.

“So the continuing need for change, a new voice, a new start, seems to be the answer for many clubs


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