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#BBNaija 2018 Day 13: Big Brother Will Have No More Foot-Dragging in The House!


#BBNaija 2018 Day 13: Big Brother Will Have No More Foot-Dragging in The House!

Apparently, #BBNaija 2018 housemates do not understand the amount of seriousness Biggie demands from them and he is about to take a big step to make them.

Going into the Big Brother House is by far one of the biggest achievements in the reality TV spheres far beyond the Nigerian boarders, which naturally will make anyone assume that any housemate that makes it into the #bbnaija house will naturally want to take full advantage of it, while also having n eye on the grand price.

However, this set of #bbnaija Housemates have been less than forthcoming in their approach of the game and that hasn’t gone unnoticed, even Biggie displayed utter dissatisfaction.

Furthermore, the #bbnaija Housemates are aware of the fact that every one of their moves are being closely scrutinised by a lot of people across Africa ,including critics that never forgive mistakes, and yet they’ve put absolutely no effort in trying to look good while racing for the coveted ₦ 25 million Naira cash price.

Despite the fact that the ladies don’t even bother powdering their noses and the men carelessly walk around barefoot and shirtless during the week, the lot of the #bbnaija 2018 housemates even appeared to have neglected themselves completely during their very first live show of the season.

Tge last time any sort of glamour was seen in the #bbnaija house asides the saturday night party was when they first walked into the Big Brother Naija House.

Moreover, if the winner was to be judged by the amount of failures made in the #bbnaija house, the game would already be won. From losing the wager twice to earning a strike and a couple of punishments, this lot of housemates seem not to ever learn.

Perhaps ticked off by the constant loses, Big brother went ahead to reprimand the Housemates for clapping and celebrating failure. Stating also that their failure to complete any task will result in dire consequences.

Asides the fact that they are never prepared and almost always losing, the #bbnaija housemates have also shown an absolute lack of rendition and trudging along with a lacadaisical attitude towards anything and everything related to games.

They also display no sense of urgency when participating in tasks and when responding to Biggie’s diary room summons. Big brother called them out on this and let them know that “everything must be done when due and on time.

More so, the #bbnaija Housemates according to Biggie keep talking about their lives outside the House and spend less time tightening their strategic bolts.

Instead of concentrating on the pairs and how to best curl their way into the game, they keep planning how ‘life will be’ after the game, sounding very eager to exit the House.

With Evictions drawing closer by the minute, the #bbnaija Housemates appear to clearly be on a wrong path and need to rid themeselve of the lackluster mentality.

Bukunmi Oyelude

I'm what they call "The Quadruple" - I'm a minimalist, a conspiracy theorist, a budding writer, and an info nerd. I operate under the auspices of me. Nerd not noob.

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