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#BBNaija2019: Tacha’s Boyfriend Comes After Ebuka | See Why


#BBNaija2019: Tacha’s Boyfriend Comes After Ebuka | See Why

#BBNaija2019 is getting hotter by the minutes and Tacha seems to be the one with the hottest pepper in the house as she appeared to have even peppered the host of the show Ebuka during last night eviction show.

Ebuka began by saying:

“So, Tacha, you know all that’s going on in the house. You seem to know who’s losing and who’s winning. You analyze everything, So tell me three characteristics of a winner,”

Tacha, in her response, had repeated her name thrice, leading the host to say he didn’t think that was a smart answer.

Ebuka immediately took offense. In a demeaning way, he asked her, “What is the meaning of characteristics?” Tacha said it means something that defines a winner.

He kept asking her the question in a very condescending manner and she kept saying, “Me.” The girl even got surprised at a point about how aggressive he was.

Finally, he said, “I expected better,” and some other rude statement he made.

At the end of the show, Ebuka began to shade Tacha very heavily but indirectly, saying that some housemates should know that they are not biggie himself but mere housemates. They should stop trying to know what the viewers want and have fun in the house. That some people here feel that because they have a so-called army outside, they can just sit through the show and win the money.

Tacha’s Boyfriend, Ladi reacts quickly, as he isn’t too pleased with Ebuka for putting her on the spot during the live show. He took to his Instagram page and wrote;

I don’t get why the confidence of Tacha is a grown man’s problem.

I understand when regular people talk trash about her and trying to bring her down but when it’s coming from somebody like @ebuka it’s just really sad but no wahala WE MOVE #bbnaija2019

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