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Reasons Why D’banj Is Revered A Living Legend


Reasons Why D’banj Is Revered A Living Legend


SIX-time CHANNEL O music video award winner, FOUR-time MTV Africa Music Award Winner, TWO-time MTV Europe Music Award Winner, FOUR-time The Headies award winner just to mention a few out of numerous awards.

Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo popularly known as Dbanj aka BANGALEE born 9th June 1980 is one of the biggest artist in Nigeria today, he is a living legend and he is well respected, popular rapper Olamide clearly stated the fact that he wants to be like Dbanj on stage because on stage Dbanj is arguably the best performer, Wizkid also mentions Dbanj saying he wants to be like him, watch ALL OF YOU music video by Davido where he clearly mentions Dbanj as someone he respects in the game, you can’t deny Dbanj’s influence, you can’t overlook his charisma.

Dbanj is truly one of a kind, love him or hate him, call him whatever names you like, you can’t close your eyes to all he has achieved.

He has the biggest song out of Africa, OLIVER TWIST is the chart topping song that broke into the international market reaching number two on the UK R&B chart.

Dbanj’s WHY ME is a song we can never forget, that song got everybody dancing, WHY ME was a national anthem that took the whole country by storm even till now, I was at an event in UNIBADAN when the DJ played WHY ME everyone started singing along, they all started dancing.

Dbanj’s song FALL IN LOVE made everybody fall in love and yet some say Dbanj is not talented, LOL, Dbanj is one of the raw talents in Nigeria he can make use of live band he doesn’t necessarily need his song playing as he sings along, they have nothing on Dbanj, they say he is broke LOL go check out his endorsement

AMBASSADOR for popular BEATS BY DRE, AFRICAN AMBASSADOR FOR CIROC, GLOBACOM AMBASSADOR, Dbanj is like the King of Endorsement, he might not be as big as he was regarding his music but the question is how many of his peers now are as big as they were? Compare P square then and now compare 2face then and now, that’s how music is you can’t remain up there forever because more musicians will come up.

Dbanj has cleverly used his music power and celebrity status to bring attention to serious and critical issues in Africa with focus on Agriculture to eliminate poverty on the Continent an action the World Bank Chief Jim Yong Kim applauded him for , my question is What more do you want from this musical icon?


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