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[Download MP3 + Lyrics] Leyonne – Jekanmo | @leyonneofficial


[Download MP3 + Lyrics] Leyonne – Jekanmo | @leyonneofficial

Adeleye Adeniyi popularly known as Leyonne is a graduate of Computer Science from the prestigious University of Ibadan whose love for God has grown into being an unashamed Christian.

Leyonne is one of those fast rising rapvangelists the music ministry is producing right about now.

Jekanmo is a Leyonne’s heart cry. He ants the world to know that he’s not ashamed of the gospel of Christ just like Romans 1:16 stated. Leyonne wants everyone to know what he stands for and where he is at the moment as a person and musician.

Jekanmo is a cover to “Dum Dum” by Reach Records’ Tedashii ft his Grammy Award winning label mate, Lecrae and it’s the 3rd single from his Leyonne’s “Breakloose EP“.



Christboi L to the eyonne, yea I’m right where i belong, yea the Christian race is tough but we still dey carry on, I’ve got my eyes fixed my faith on baba God, if you put your faith on man then you made the wrong call

Coz baba God is everything, everything else irrelevant, you’lld end up like pinky and brain coz they ain’t got that better plan. Like a bad doctor man go fail you,  get on the right team get rolling with the right man Jesus, we stay kinging every time yea believe us, let his words bang in your ears like a beatbox, I’m overwhelmed with joy mehn I’m screaming Jesus, scream it loud mehn till the world hears us. Yea you know we  grindin everyday, i just had to switch my path so i could  get focused on that right lane, now I’m repping christ flows everywhere i go, nitori naa moyin o, oluwa logo, baba God don bless me, i’ld be where the best be, i be making cheddar errday, the pepper, God is my recipe. I thank you Lord for the life that I’m living, i know it ain’t perfect but with your love it’s a blessing

Thanks to God now, I’m in a better place, I’m ordered for celebration like a piece of cake, I’m getting cheese everyday every hour coz I’ve cleaned all my fleshy sins with a fresh towel.

Jekanmo ah, Jekanmo my heart beat *3ce

Jekanmo my heart beat, yea this is what my heart sings

Verse 2

He’s got us all covered up till this very day, yea my foundation is Jesus christ homie no be Mary Kay, we keep the flag high everyday, running the Race and i pray we don’t fall in Jesus name, coz you know e no easy o, with all this ladies all around mhn e no easy o, got my head spinning up in circles like a merigo, i pray you give us strength Lord like you gave abednigo, coz i don’t wanna bow to these false idols, don’t wanna make music if I’m just doing it for status, Alot of fakies in the game just tryna make headlines, but I’m just tryna make good Music yea with christ rhymes


Verse 3
Running running, every day, chasing my lord all the way, all that crazy life of showbiz time to put it all, all away
All that vain stuff that would kill me, sell my soul just for the big screens, my cards all on the table Lord please check me out from this mess.


Soo keep fighting for that faith you believe in (Let them know)
Let them know just keep walking in that Lane (Jekanmo)
They keep asking “why is that boy always groovy, I’m pumped up coz I’m soo unashamed!

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