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Editorial: Why “Science Student” Must be Banned and Olamide Should be Arrested


Editorial: Why “Science Student” Must be Banned and Olamide Should be Arrested

One of Nigeria’s most renowned musician Olamide aka baddo ushered us into the New Year with a new single titled “science student” jointly produced by Young John and Bbanks, this song like other of his previous songs didn’t fail to advocate the use of drugs substance or even excessive intake of drugs.

Late last year he was almost arrested for the release of WO, one of the songs that trended in the year 2017, the song was banned after it was said to have been promoting the use of tobacco.
Listening to the lyrics of the song science student , he was talking about science students mixing different substances together to maintain the state of highness. The beat of the song is quite nice though, I will give it to young John(the wicked producer), he has been known to produce amazing beats , but the fact still remains that such songs shouldn’t be allowed to be released not to talk of being listened to. Olamide is a role model to quite alot of people no doubt about that, and as a role model his songs are meant to mold lives and not destroy it . The annoying thing about the song is  no one is calling him out of his conduct, we all seem to be cool with it. Different videos are posted online everyday just to depict the lyrics of the song and such video hasn’t failed to show that substances are taken to maintain the state of highness so as to pass the message of drug intake across.  Videos released on social media are streamed by every one, there is no such thing as parental guidance on social media everything is out there for Everyone and everybody to see.
The song paints science students as a set of student that uses hard drugs and drug overdose, this is however an insult to science students in general. No one seems to be looking at the fact that the song is depicting science students as drug abusers who mix drugs up to maintain the state of highness . So Olamide comes out with the say no to drug abuse campaign, we all know that’s just a tactic to save himself, you don’t speak one thing in your song and do the other, the song is obviously promoting the use not the other way round.
People are getting the motive to use drugs from songs like this, we have seen cases where a young child decides to wrap a paper not because he was born in such environment where is the norms of the society but because he sees it in music videos or even hears the songs. We all are saying the youths are the leaders of tomorrow, there is no tomorrow for a drug addict.

I’ve got nothing but love for Olamide because he is one of the most talented artistes Nigeria has ever had but this right here is enough reason for him to get arrested in an ideal society but then again this is Nigeria.

Acting under the influence of drugs has never yielded a positive result.  We all need to rise up and say NO to the consumption of hard drugs,  NO to songs promoting such drugs too. Let us rise up as one Nigeria and fight this.

Bukunmi Oyelude

I'm what they call "The Quadruple" - I'm a minimalist, a conspiracy theorist, a budding writer, and an info nerd. I operate under the auspices of me. Nerd not noob.

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