Revealed: Top 10 Greatest Tv Series Ever

Clement Ogunbajo

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7 Responses

  1. Ambassador says:

    I agree with the names on this list (apart from Game Of Thrones) but not the order of the names. WTF is Game of Thrones doing on this list?! The series is sh*t!
    And some great names are missing like White Collar, Desperate Housewives, N.C.I.S, Tomorrow People, Everybody Hates Chris, and Are We there yet.

  2. Brainwave says:

    Nigga seriously?? Sayin Game of thrones is shit is lik saying I am shit. Goan sleep if yu don’t know abt movies

  3. ultimate says:

    prison break no 7! u gat to be kidding me, it should be no 1 or 2 and i will like to replace walking dead with How To Get Away With Murder.

  4. Baboosa says:

    prison Break #7, who does dat??? Dis is unbelievable, den d list shud begin from 7 downwards cos as far as Iam concerned, PB is d f**king best.

  5. sheni says:

    I don’t agree so The Originals isn’t worth ur what of smallville, Big bang theory is so Hyped, what is how I met your mother.

  6. missy says:

    Yea BBTH is the bomb,but is it just American series because I think u should acknowledge the likes of boys over flower,city hunter amongst other nice Korea series too.

  7. BeeJay says:

    You can’t have a “greatest series of all time” list without “Lost”, that’s an abomination, lol. Seriously, “Lost” is one of a kind, there is none like it. . .

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