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European Punching Bags!! The Agony Of A Gunner [Must Read]


European Punching Bags!! The Agony Of A Gunner [Must Read]


Storage of guns, warehouse of bombs, collection of explosive, grenades and kalasnikovs. All these are necessary and essential equipment or warriors, armies and soldiers o fortunes whenever they are called on duty to fight, destroy and most o all eliminate enemies.

Being shaped, trained and gathered into formation by their centurion. It all boils down to the P.O.A on the battlefield where all the days, weeks, month and years of practice will be left behind them and the day o judgement has finally arrived. It all goes down to either survive or be the sacrifice of survival, to be the predator or the prey, to live or to die, to create history or to be the history itself, to die either as a sung or unsung hero or to survive as a war gladiator, All in All the day your fate will be decided. This time the saying “whosoever fails to plan, plans to fail” rings constantly to the ears, the heart beats faster than that o a polka drum, the let arteries pumps blood quicker to the whole body more than a John Rockefeller’s pipeline.

A situation of panic, fear, terror, far greater than Halloween where water and blood becomes a constant waste. Oh my, Oh my, at the end there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth for those who fail to plan and gets to experience the pain of defeat every time they fight. Losing or defeated once ain’t a problem but being defeated , bullied and torn into shreds is the problem, it is a greater problem when the defeat comes when you have more than enough resources and weapons to fight, it is a far greater problem when you are made to anguish and suffer continuously years after years even with a well equipped Arsenal, the first defeat might be called a mistake, the second a coincidence, the third to be blamed on mother luck but what should it be called when it gets to the 20th time? Should we say the centurion is incompetent to plan a formation or the soldiers isn’t brave enough or what should it be called? Even up to the 20th time.

Indeed it’s a shame, a disgrace and a disappointment to the acclaimed so called ‘BEST’ team in London. The ARSENAL, featuring 20times in the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, and getting knocked out mostly in the round of 16 making a one time appearance in the final the closest they have come to lifting the prestigious trophy in Europe. Never have they conquered the European football.

Inadequate players, facilities or coaching staffs here is not an excuse or justification for their constant fall and failures in the competition. One of the best income earners in English football and the World at large. What should we say is the main factor of derail of the supposed PRIDE OF LONDON? Incompetency of the coach to plan a tactics or a reduction of confidence in the players tasked to winning the trophy? Should it rather the considered as a curse to be broken in the next 5 generations because it doesn’t look likely to be broken in the foreseeable future.

Heartbreak, anguish, pain and frustration is what an Arsenal fan eels whenever the club is been bullied without mercy like Bayern Munich 10 – 2 aggregate win in the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE round of 16. All history matched teams like Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool have all tasted the glory in European football unlike Arsenal who constantly has been a disgrace to the English football as far as the European competition is concerned. Manchester united, Chelsea, Liverpool, Nottingham forest have all joined giants of Europe in having their names encrypted on the prestigious trophy. ”If they should ever tell my story, let them say I walked with giants, Men  shall rise and fall like winter wheat but their names shall never fade, let them say I lived in the time of Hector, the tamer of horses and let them say I lived with Achilles”. This legendary quote can’t be said of Arsenal fans because nothing in the quote not even a phrase cannot be related to the club, that is, they have never walked with giants. They always console themselves with becoming fourth on the domestic league table and tends to be satisfied with consecutive representation of England in Europe but what is the purpose of representing and not been victorious? A well equipped soldier failing to win a battle even with the yearly upgrade of his Arsenal. They seem to be satisfied with just representing but there seem to be no passion and hunger for the prize . “There is no passion to be found in playing small, in settling for a lifeless than the one you are capable of living”. The Nelson Mandela quote is just perfect to change the mentality of the board of directors, coaching staffs and players of the club. Without consideration for the fans, tickets, the traveling, the trekking for the love of their club, they should at least be repaid for their consistent sacrifice.

The UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE trophy is at least a payment for the debt of suffering of the fans. The trophy itself is enough to repay “THE AGONY OF A GUNNER”


Clement Ogunbajo

I'm the definition of 'Dynamic'. A mathematician, analyst and info nerd. I'm my own BOSS.

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