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‘I Love to Have S*x a Lot, But My Boyfriend is so ‘Dull’ In Bed’ – Lady Laments

Relationship & Romance

‘I Love to Have S*x a Lot, But My Boyfriend is so ‘Dull’ In Bed’ – Lady Laments

An unsatisfied lady has complained bitterly and ask for help from Deidre, a relationship expert over her boyfriend’s “to-to” game. Read:

My new boyfriend wants to take things slowly but I rushed him into having s*x on our second date.
I can’t talk to him without making suggestions about having s*x and I feel like I am an addict. I am 20 and work in a call centre. I recently came out of a three-year relationship, during which I cheated on my partner lots of times.
Boys like me and I have always been able to get anyone I wanted, though I know deep down they are only after one thing. After all, that is what boys expect.
I met my current boyfriend when I was out with my mates. I dropped my phone and hadn’t realised. He ran after us and gave it back to me.
He’s 23 and he works in a garage but is completely different from any other guy I have met before. He is really sweet, kind and so considerate towards me.
No one has ever worried about how I feel before.
He took me on a date and treated me like a princess. He asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend and said we would take things slowly.
I behaved well on that first date, but on the second, we went to the pub. I had a bit to drink and when he got me back home I was all over him and touching him sexually.
I just couldn’t help myself — and then he couldn’t resist me.
The s*x was lovely and he was nice to me afterwards but I think he was a bit shocked. I feel so stupid for behaving like this.
I am also scared that I will be tempted to cheat on him, as I seem to want s*x all the time, but he works long hours and says he can’t see me every evening.
I know I have to hold back and mostly wait for him to want s*x.
He is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I don’t want to lose him but I sense that I will unless I take things at his pace.

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