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I Would Never Return To M.I Abaga’s Chocolate City- BrymO | Here Is Why


I Would Never Return To M.I Abaga’s Chocolate City- BrymO | Here Is Why



In a recent interview with “Goldmyne”, the former Chocolate City record label singer, Olawale Ashimi popularly known as Brymo disclosed that he would never go back to the music label, he also advised the media to stop dreaming about him returning to Chocolate City.

According to BrymO, after the dispute he had with the record label in 2013, it is only natural for him to leave and never to come back. He added that it was only business that kept them together but for Jesse Jagz, it is more that business.

“I can assure you that my core followers won’t expect me to go back and it is more than business for Jesse. It is family, so his going back is expected.

But for me, it was contract that tied us together and since it has been broken and they dragged me to court, it was only natural that I go my way. I would also appreciate the media to stop talking about me going back to Chocolate City because it would never happen,” he said.

In 2013, It could be recalled that the split and legal war involving Brymo and Chocolate City made the headlines. It lingered, but finally ended in favour of the singer. Since then, Brymo decided to pursue his career without leaning on any label for survival.

Chocolate City now houses M.I Abaga who is now the new CEO, Ice Prince Zamani (VP), Jesse Jagz, DJ Caise, Pryse, Nosa, Victoria Kimani, Dice Ailes and Koker among others.

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