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‘I’m 25 Year Old And I Only Think Of Relationship When I’m Less Busy With Work’ – Nigeria Lady Reveals


‘I’m 25 Year Old And I Only Think Of Relationship When I’m Less Busy With Work’ – Nigeria Lady Reveals

Going through the social media, I stumbled on a story that I feel justifies sharing for our readers. A 25 year old Nigerian lady is seeking advice from anyone that can give her.

Read what she shared; 

I am a 26years old lady, Chubby and beautiful. I will consider myself as a very brilliant person academically. Although despite my good grades from my Bsc, MSc, MBA and a professional qualification, I find it difficult to get a good paying job. My current job at a small auditing firm pays only 30000 per month which I manage to cover my personal expenses without any external help.

My main problem is that I’ve never been in any relationship all my life. At first, I felt I should concentrate on my studies and I will start dating after school. It’s like I’m not attracted to all my male friends enough to date them although most of them don’t ask me out because they complain that I always friend zone them before they could say anything. Around May 2017, I met a guy through one of my colleague and I had a huge crush on him. One way or the other, he got my number and we chat frequently although as friends. So, I later found out that he fell in love with a married lady at some point in his life and that was how I stopped liking him but we were still friends. He is still friends with this married lady though and I never complained about his friendship with her to him even though their level of closeness is weird to me especially with a married woman.

He told me once that the lady’s husband complains about their friendship but he is not ready to let go of her. Now it feels like my heart has been broken by a person I never dated because I still care about him a little bit but I don’t think he feels the same way about me.
I really need people to advice me on things I can do to get over this stupid crush and focus on better things. I found out that I only think about being in a relationship when I’m less busy with work even though I will love to be loved by someone else, I’m not desperate to be in a relationship. I want to focus on my career and get a better job in a more reputable corporate organization. And I want to know if it is normal to be 25 and never been in a relationship and not desperate.


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