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Jon Snow To Resurrect On GOT Next Season?


Jon Snow To Resurrect On GOT Next Season?

It is just soo hard to believe that a whole Jon Snow dies after a multiple “scratch wounds” in the chest, I mean its Jon freaking Snow we’re talking about here. Kit Harington was asked if he was coming back next season on GOT and he said, “I’m dead. I’m not coming back next season. So that’s all I can tell you, really.” Thats a joke right?…right? Right?! Arrrgh!
I’m hoping that Nollywood system is adopted next season and some old woman saves him takes him to her house in the middle of the woods so that our darling Jon Snow can return. Harington’s costar Maisie Williams was sure to dash my hopes when she said it was sure he wasnt coming back and that Harington still spots the Jon Snow’s hair is probably because he likes it, Jon Snow wont be coming back as a white walker and Melisandre The Red Woman wont bring him back to life. Noooooo!!! *wails into bucket* Why is life so cruel?


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