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Kourtney Kardarshian As A Single Parent


Kourtney Kardarshian As A Single Parent

There’s always a first time for everybody, for some of us it is Indian delicacies, for Kourtney Kardashian it is single parenting. Kourtney celebrated Penelope’s birthday as a single parent at disneyland as she wore matching tinkerbell outfits with her daughter. Even though her ex-boyfriend Scott Disick is nowhere to be found right now, Grandma Kris with boyfriend Corey Gamble, Kim and North filled in for the day at the park. Truth be told, Kourtney with Scott has been single parenting all along.
After the photos surfaced of Kourtney, Penelope and the Kardashians at Disneyland … Scott has now posted a birthday message.0708-sub-scott-disick-instagram-4


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