King Drey – Asiko Ft. Kingin

Bukunmi Oyelude

I'm what they call "The Quadruple" - I'm a minimalist, a conspiracy theorist, a budding writer, and an info nerd. I operate under the auspices of me. Nerd not noob.

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5 Responses

  1. wizdum says:

    You are ur biggest critic, I think this song needed a natural vocalist…not that “auto tune” gig. Still a rookie buh u will get there if u want it so bad.

  2. JAY says:

    nice on guys…. the best today started frm a place too… keep it up… nd by the way i love d chorus nd d bridge

  3. Mariner dymmy says:

    You taking over d music industry soon bro !!!! ???? #onRepeat

  4. ibrahim says:

    Wow! Now that I didn’t expect, nice flow bro… God be with you

  5. Ibrahim says:

    not bad! keep up the good work!

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