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Opinion Poll: Can a Guy Love a Lady and Still Cheat on Her? | Read Hilarious Responses


Opinion Poll: Can a Guy Love a Lady and Still Cheat on Her? | Read Hilarious Responses

The generally accepted definition of cheating is when someone in a committed relationship breaks the trust of his or her partner by getting physically or emotionally involved with another person but that doesn’t change the fact many still have different views of what cheating means to them.


A lady once told me that having sex with a guy that isn’t her boyfriend does not mean cheating provided she is not dating him and doesn’t change the fact she loves her boyfriend less. This prompted me to ask questions.
Is it even possible in an ideal world to cheat on the person you claim to be in a relationship with and still claim you love her??
What will be your reaction as a lady if you catch your man double dating or giving another lady that ‘THING‘ you treasure so much?
We at theINFOnerds have decided to get people’s opinion on the topic…
To my own view and also as a ladyIt depends on the kind of guy tho and conditions
It might be distance
And it can also be that he doesn’t want to have sex with her yet then he decides to find a side chick
The guy is not really in love because if he loves the girl like he claims he will never cheat on her
Ones he is not satisfied with what the girl has to offer both physically and spiritually
But in love except once greediness….a guy shouldn’t cheat on his partner just because of her shortcomings
Once he loves her, he should love everything about her both good and bad
Me as a lady I know what I can do and can’t do even if Jesus beg me to do
And I know what guys are like
They come into one’s life like an angel at first but after a while, they show their real self, their expectations from the partner, always want their needs to attend to with immediate effect without minding it consequence
I think ahead before I do anything and I don’t let love turn me to a puppet.
If he truly loves her then No
If it’s just love of the mouth then Yes
My man can’t cheat on me because he truly loves me
It’s the boy’s wish
He can cheat if only he doesn’t have feelings for the lady
But as for me, my man is not cheating
He can’t and never try to
When he’s not mad
Yes…there are crazy guys like that.
A guy can love a lady and still cheat in the sense that, The guy is really hungry for sex and his Girlfriend doesn’t really give it to him.
Also, if the lady doesn’t really show love to the if the lady is not reliable…

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