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Opinion Poll: Is It Cheating If A Lady Catches Her Boyfriend Having S*x With A Sex Doll?


Opinion Poll: Is It Cheating If A Lady Catches Her Boyfriend Having S*x With A Sex Doll?

Sex dolls and what it can offer men sexually have been the trending topic on virtually all social media platforms. There have been suggestions that it could be the perfect replacement for ladies especially the ones that play hard ball sexually.

Is it even possible in an ideal world to replace your partner with a doll all in the name of satisfying your sexual needs??
What will be your reaction as a lady if you catch your man having s*x with a doll?? Has he cheated on you for doing so??
We at theINFOnerds have decided to get people’s opinion on the topic…
See the interesting answers people gave:
The guy must be very stupid in the first place for sleeping with the doll.
He is not even scared of his life. What if there is power failure?
Well, if such girl catches her boyfriend cheating with the s*x doll, she should just break up because if he can sleep with a doll, he can sleep with anything.
Its not cheating na because the s*x doll is not human being and he can’t marry it.
Though am not supporting the doll thing because e no make sense to me..but on a personal opinion its not cheating
No it is not cheating but it’s stupidity.
How can he compare real P*SSY to doll p*ssy…. Mehn
The guy didn’t really cheat but he disrespected d lady
It’s insanity. I will count him as a s*x addict
Trying to get pleasure from a doll is just a high level of insanity
S*x with a doll obviously is like playing with a toy but we all know the human ego does not like them being replaced.
I think its cheating but then ladies might have an understanding that supersedes that, the same way people are comfortable having multiple partners
 Its cheating because one a s*x doll looks so much human cos it can satisfy a man’s urge for s*x and secondly d moment a boyfriend settle for a doll it hurts d girl’s feelings when she finds out cos anything you are not convenient doing in d presence of your partner is cheating and wrong
Also it sends down a message that your girlfriend isn’t up to d task or you needed more and instead of stating out your points, you start shacking up with a doll its called cheating and could break such affair
Its more or less like a girl catching her boyfriend masturbating.
Cheating keh….is it not doll?? Can he marry doll? Girls shouldn’t see dolls as threat in getting a future beside their man na….shey doll can born nii??
How can he prefer a fake p*ssy to a real one??
I believe its the same feeling when she catches him masturbating…Disgusting
U buy a sex doll for hundreds of thousands which I am sure he can never spend on his girlfriend, do maintenance cost, money Wey he fit take do dinner dates and hangout with the same girlfriend.
I believe men spend more on side chicks and the main bae
It is cheating baje…
Why would he get a s*x doll when he has a girlfriend??
Sebi those that are getting the s*x dolls are saying they want to use it to replace women…Then he should make the s*x doll his girlfriend oh
The girl should just breakup with him immediately
Its not cheating, since its a doll and not a fellow human. Although we react differently, some girls may not like the idea of their boo f*cking a doll instead of them (its more like comparism).
Feel free to drop your own comment to let us know what you are thinking concerning the topic….

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