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Opinion Poll: Is Literacy A Key Factor To Becoming Successful In This Modern Era?


Opinion Poll: Is Literacy A Key Factor To Becoming Successful In This Modern Era?

The world is in the computer age so it is believed that approximately more than half of its population is a literate.

A literate is someone who can read and write, or someone who is educated in a specific area of knowledge. The argument today is that; “Does been a literate guarantees been successful in this modern era”?

A quote by Dr. Seuss reads “The more you read, the more you know, the more places you will go”. What exactly does this quote mean? Is it that illiterates have limited or no opportunities of making it in this era at all?

Here are what people have to say on the topic;


Been a literate is very important nowadays because the world has become global. It is almost impossible to be successful now without knowing how to read and write except God just wants to work wonders and even after the wonders, the person would discover he/she has to learn how to read and write.

Before knowing how to read and write though, people have been successful but because the world is now very large and digital, the illiterates would be left behind and they would be marginalized.

Illiteracy in the world now is a bar to being successful unless God just wants to do a miracle.


Yes. Being creative is not enough to be successful. For one to have a sustainable business one need to acquire some skills and learn how to communicate well with people around.


Not really. An illiterate can also survive in this computer age. Take for example Niger delta guys, most of them are illiterates but they succeed in life(tompolo,dokubo) whereas some literates live their lives in penury.

Also, there is this Nigerian woman lecturing in Havard university. She ain’t a literate but she lectures about culture to them whites.


Nope it is not a key factor. It is a factor, it can be an advantage but then success is relative. Been successful has to do with other factors such as focus, self-discipline and so on. Being a literate won’t give you all that.


Capital No. Most of our forefathers then were illiterates and they succeeded in various Artesian works. Being literate could only serve as a catalyst which accelerates the rates of success. Even some successful illiterates employ literates and their business are booming.


It is a yes and no matter. Yes is that been a literate does not automatically make you successful but it aids success. No, you need not be a literate to be a success but the need of been a literate will definitely arise when you become successful.


I don’t think  so. This is because there are many people that didn’t go to school and are rich. Been successful is all about managing the brain well and using one’s IQ efficiently.


Yes it is a key factor because those people that are illiterates needs literate people to help them in the future irrespective of their success.


Some Bavarians call themselves literate and just because you can read the letters of a word doesn’t mean you understand it. Successful people are those who don’t just stumble into it but plan it, take responsibility for their actions, love life and derive joy in doing good.

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