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Pablo Ayodeji: Nigerians React As ‘Infamous Internet Fraudster’ Wants to Commit Suicide


Pablo Ayodeji: Nigerians React As ‘Infamous Internet Fraudster’ Wants to Commit Suicide

Infamous Nigerian twitter fraudster, Adeniji Olaoluwa Ayodeji who is popularly called Pablo Ayodeji is in the news again after a few month of hiatus but this time he said he is going to take his own life.

The con artist, who is famous for swindling of scores of unsuspecting users on the social networking platform, tweeted something that seems to be his farewell from earth.

“I am dying tomorrow. So this is goodbye,” he wrote on Sunday.

A few hours ago, on Monday, he wrote “This is my final tweet. After 22 years on earth I’ve decided to call it quit.  I can’t keep living this way ,I’ve been strong for so long and I’ve reached my breaking point . I realize now that dying is easy and living is hard. And I’ve chosen the easy way out. Goodbye”

His farewell tweets have since begun to stir reactions among Nigerians on Twitter.

This is not the first time that Pablo will be on the news.

Mr. Adeniji first drew social media attention on March 30, 2017 when a lady refunded some expenses he had incurred on a date.

Ore Oyebola returned N5,000 to Mr. Adeniji who had only spent N3,800 and asked him to keep the change after he openly ranted about how a lady he took out failed to accept his advances.

The affair became a subject of widespread discussion at the time, and the pair later ended up on a radio programme where the matter was resolved.

He also owned up to swindling scores of unsuspecting users on the micro blogging platform in December.

Bukunmi Oyelude

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