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Reason Why You Should Buy A Wrist Watch And Not A Car | Must Read


Reason Why You Should Buy A Wrist Watch And Not A Car | Must Read

Wizkid broke the internet when he bought a wrist watch of $1.2million (N432million) and people came to the conclusion that he is out of his mind and does not know what else to do with his money again. Well am here to tell you he is very much in his perfect frame of mind.

He may have bought the wrist watch to showcase his exotic lifestyle or oppress whosoever wishes to be oppressed by it but the truth is, he has made one of the best business investment you can ever imagine given he went for a wrist watch and not the latest model of a car.

I know you would be wondering what is he talking about because it sounds outrageous but here is the simple truth…

Buying wrist watches has proven over time to be a better investment than cars due to the fact that wrist watches tend to ‘appreciate’ in value unlike cars that mostly ‘depreciate’

“The owner of the most expensive wrist watch ( The Graff Diamonds Hallucination) in the world valued now at $55million can testify to this thesis given he first purchased the wrist watch in 1965 for just $700,000.”

The Breguet & Fils, No. 2667 Precision gold and platinum stopwatch the 10th most expensive watch was also bought for a mere 5000 francs in 1814, but was sold for almost $4.6 million at auction in 2012.

You can now see Wizkid is not just an entertainer alone but also a sharp thinking business man.

So what are you waiting for??? Start selling your cars and invest in wrist watches…



Clement Ogunbajo

I'm the definition of 'Dynamic'. A mathematician, analyst and info nerd. I'm my own BOSS.

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