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Relationship 101: Core Pillars Of a Solid & Long Lasting Relationship


Relationship 101: Core Pillars Of a Solid & Long Lasting Relationship

In this present days where relationship is a short term thing, (characterized by flings, erratic passion), due to personal differences, temperaments and lack of appreciation from either /both partners.

Everyone seeks to feel a void which they feel will be filled by a long lasting and elevating relationship. Some of the things that can make a relationship last are briefly discussed below but is not limited to just these ones.


Someone told me sometime ago ‘I love you but I don’t trust you’ I was like WTF. Why can’t you trust the one you claim to love what has she done for you not to trust her?. The moment you stop trusting you stop loving.
You suspect every move the other party makes and their words holds no ground. Not trusting your partner creates a void that seeks to be filled therefore the other non trusting partner seeks for it else where.


The fundamental of any relationship is communication. This is keen for a lasting and solid relationship as a relationship without communication is as good as dead (as human beings, it would be tormenting if one is isolated, talk less of isolation where there should be communication).
To people who claim to be together and dem no dey talk, Dem no dey express dem feelings haha e no make sense at all. hw I go take sabi Wetin uwant at any point in time? Then the parties would begin to make assumptions and drawing conclusions. That relationship is heading for its waterloo.


If I don’t understand my partner attitude, mood, and the way he relates with others, am sure we would constantly be in a fight as we will always be on different page and we will most definitely not get along and whats the use of being in that kind of relationship.
There is a bible passage say that says; ‘Can two walk together except they be agreed’?  We know the answer to that.

Keeping Your Private Matters Private

Sometimes keeping d third party out of ones business is what’s best for the relationship. It’s not bad seeking the opinion of other in some matter but making it an habit is a no no.
If both partners are going through a hard  time in their relationship most times holding on to each other is what’s best not spreading your dirty laundry outside.
-By Gold

Clement Ogunbajo

I'm the definition of 'Dynamic'. A mathematician, analyst and info nerd. I'm my own BOSS.

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