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Retailers Now Use Sniper Pesticide To Preserve Beans – CPC Warns Nigerians


Retailers Now Use Sniper Pesticide To Preserve Beans – CPC Warns Nigerians

The Consumer Protection Council (CPC) yesterday warned Nigerian consumers to beware of contaminated beans currently being sold in some market.

CPC, an apex consumer protection agency in Nigeria established to improve the well-being of the people, also confirmed that retailers in the open market are using a pesticide popularly known as sniper to preserve beans.

It called on consumers to properly wash their beans before consumption as well as make sufficient enquiries before engaging in new purchases.

The Council gave the advice in a statement released by its Director-General, Mr Babatunde Irukera.

The warning came on the heels of a video that had gone viral where some people were seeing using sniper to preserve beans.

The statement read: “The Consumer Protection Council (CPC) has recently confirmed by credible information that retailers, mostly in the open market, are using a pesticide, 2,2-dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate (DDVP) compound otherwise marketed and known as “Sniper” to preserve beans, and more particularly eliminate or protect from weevils.”

“There is no evidence that this process constitute any deliberate attempt by enterprise to injure consumers. Rather, and on the contrary, it is to protect and preserve the quality of the beans. However, Sniper by its chemical composition and nature is potentially injurious when people are unduly exposed by inhalation, absorption, direct skin contact or ingestion.

“There are significantly heightened risks to persons applying Sniper to the beans because of direct contact. However, risk of injury on account of consumption of beans exposed to, or treated with Sniper is also existential, even though, an unintended consequence.”

Bukunmi Oyelude

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