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[Series] The Sticky Note: Episode 1


[Series] The Sticky Note: Episode 1

She was confused again. All Pheya said contradicted all her mum told her before she left for school. She was now torn between two opinions. But this was not even her immediate concern. The lecturer had skimmed through about 20 slides while they were conversing. The lecture soon ended. Like every other lecture theatres in Nigerian government-owned universities, the room was overcrowded. The press at the narrow doors was always hectic so it was Janet and Pheya’s usual habit to wait behind till the pushing subsided before they left. While they waited, Janet tried recovering some of what she could not get during the lecture, thanks to the chatterbox she pitched her tent with. Janet always hated the fact that they had to learn mathematics using a projector. But what more could be done in such a large class that brings about 3 faculties together. She looked at the question again, blue with confusion like a cyanosed patient. While Janet was engrossed, Pheya seemed not to be bothered. They were seated at the edge of the bench somewhere in the middle of the 1000 capacity lecture theatre. As the rowdy students passed by them, a hand stuck a sticky note on the their table. They reflexively turned to see who but could not ascertain who stuck the note. Pheya quickly picked it, stared at it for a while and smiled from one corner of her lips.


“What?” Janet asked in a tone of suspicion.

“It’s for you”, Pheya replied and giggled. They both knew what it meant to get a sticky note in their school. Janet collected the note in shock or maybe two milligrammes of anger amidst blushes. The note read “Janet, call this number …”, She hissed, chewed the paper and spat it at Pheya.

“Eww, gross!” Pareya as she slapped Janet on the thigh. She scribbled something on her note before she signaled to Janet that it was time to leave the now deserted lecture theatre. James, their best male friend popped from behind the doors. He is reputable for always lurking around corners in wait for them. Now, James is that perfectly friend-zoned fellow with two females as best friends. They walked down together in silence after they greeted James. He was usually always the first to break the silence with some geeky tech ideas or new discovery. This time, Pheya could not wait.

“Janet got a sticky note today” she finally broke it

“Really? I heard they are good learning aids. Can I see?” James requested, completely ignorant. The girls gave him one look from the corners of their eyes in disgust, although not surprised. James was vast in knowledge but socially uninformed.

“No, not that! A guy sent her a note. Stuck it to her table.” Pheya would not give up.

“Why would someone do that?”

Okay. Pheya was losing patience, this guy wasn’t getting the gist. She had to educate him.

“See, in this school, if a goer, chronic hooligan or cultist likes you, he gets your digits one way or the other and calls. If you innocently pick it, you must give him a chance at least for his effort. It is a like a rule sef. If you don’t, his gang will frustrate your life although they might not hurt you. You’d wish you let him. If a guy parks and offers you a ride, he is an interested Yahoo Yahoo boy. If you get a sticky note with a phone number, it’s from a rich shy momma’s boy.”

“Let’s assume I understand why I must give a goer, hooligan or a cultist a chance to date me. But Janet, what did you do with the note?” James asked, finally enlightened.

“What do you think? I chewed it” Janet confidently rebuffed.

“Good” James sighed, relieved.

“You are also party to this single till 24 goal?” Pheya said, disappointed

“You both know my mum made me sware on her bosom” Janet replied with droopy helpless eyes.

Pheya dashed forward, irritated. She took some quick paces ahead. A few minutes later, she stopped to catch her breath.

“Hand me your phone.” She snapped her fingers at Janet who was effortlessly trying to catch up.

“What for?”

“I want to check my blood pressure.” She hissed with some jots of vexation.

“Gimme jor! Let’s shar take selfies for the first day you got ‘asked out’.” Pheya added.

“That’s a good idea” James agreed, took a selfie stick from his bag and handed it to Janet. He then assumed his position between both girls with one of those friend-zoned-fellow poses. Pheya took the selfie stick from Janet. She was the tallest among the trio and by the way, had a particular talent of knowing the right angle to position the phone – even her 77 years old grandfather would look like a model in his 40s when she’s done. A few more clicks and they then continued their journey home chattering all the way. They saw James off a little distance before turning back to their hostel. They would meet later that Friday night to read.

To be continued…


Bukunmi Oyelude

I'm what they call "The Quadruple" - I'm a minimalist, a conspiracy theorist, a budding writer, and an info nerd. I operate under the auspices of me. Nerd not noob.



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