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[Short Story] The Million-Dollar Job


[Short Story] The Million-Dollar Job

(A short story by Mo’)

Tito looked from the building back to the flyer for the last time. The address on the flyer was “ No. 15, Aremu Street,” and that was the exact number on the building where the bike man dropped her. The only problem was that she was in front of a  “James Opara Patent Chemist.”

A guy came out of the chemist and walked towards her. “Aunty, you dey find someone?” he asked as soon as he got close enough. The chemist’s name was written on his vest but the guy looked extremely unkempt. Tito wondered how anyone could buy drugs from someone who looked like a communicable disease.

“Yes, please where is Towering Heights International Limited?” she asked.

“Oh, this is the place. You are welcome to Towering Heights International limited, aka THIL. We are a place where millionaires are made on a daily base. We are glad that you have come, please kindly lead while I follow,” Communicable Disease said and made to enter the chemist.

Enter where?How can this place be the THIL? How can this chemist be the multinational company capable of paying a million naira monthly? You people don’t even have a gate!

Tito wanted to ask Communicable disease a lot of questions but she decided against that.  Instead, she reluctantly followed him.

The first and only thing she noticed as soon as she entered was that there were several bags of pure water on the floor. So many bags. “Sit down, let me tell the CEO that a job searcher have come” the gateman cum receptionist cum sales boy, aka, Communicable Disease, instructed her.

He  came back a few minutes later and pointed at the door through which he emerged.

“Do you have torchlight,” he asked.

“On my phone, yes. Why?”

“There are plenty pure water bag on the floor on the way to CEO office. On your  torchlight so you don’t come and go and fall,” he informed her.

“You will see CEO written on the door in your left.  Knock and enter. Don’t hold the handle of the door, it should not go and break down,” Communicable continued.

“Do you have paracetamol?” Tito asked before he could say any other thing.

“It finish this morning. We have panadol, it expire last month, but it still good. You only need to take 8 tablets instead of 4 and it will not expire again”

Tito didn’t know whether to laugh or get angry.  She asked for paracetamol because she was starting to develop a headache as a result of the sales boy’s messy grammar, and there he was trying to quicken her death.

At that moment, she knew they had nothing to offer her, but she was curious as to what the  job description was.

So, she walked in through the door, turned on her flashlight and tried not to step on any of the bags of pure water. She knocked on the door  of the left and entered the “CEO’s” office.

“Welcome, Have your seat,” the CEO instructed as soon as she stepped in. The only difference between him and Communicable  was that he managed to get a comb through his own hair.

“So, how did you hear about this job” was the first question he asked her.

Tito explained that a bike man gave her the flyer earlier that week, and she decided to try her luck.

“Can you sell pure water?” the CEO asked without mincing words.

“Pardon?” she asked in shock.

“See, you will get 20 percent commission for each bag you sell. One bag is 130 naira, if you can sell 10,000 bags per day, you can make 260,000 in one day and that means you can make millions in one month!” There and then, Tito understood how they arrived at the “make a million naira per month” strategy.

She didn’t wait for him to speak any further before she picked her bag and walked out. How was a person to sell 10,000 bags of pure water per day?

The CEO ran after her as she flagged down a bike. “Aunty we can increase the commission to 50% ooo,  the bags of water we ordered from china are too plenty. Aunty please help us sell”

How will a person sell 10,000 bags of China-made pure water per day. Why would anyone bring in “pure water” from China and how did they even manage to import pure water!”  Tito really needed answers but she refused to look back.

As she got down in front of her house, the bike man handed her 50 naira change and a piece of paper before zooming off. Tito stared at the paper for a few seconds.

Job Vacancy, earn 300,000 per day. Call this nu…”

She didn’t wait to finish the first line before she tore the flyer into  two.

Not again, devil. Not again.

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