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The End Of A Relationship Hurts The Boy or The Girl More?


The End Of A Relationship Hurts The Boy or The Girl More?

I would like to start by citing an illustration:

Consider the case that 2 people are holding an elastic material, say rubber band and they are pulling it towards each other (in opposite direction).

CASE 1: No one leaves the rubber band it reaches its elastic limit.
The rubber band will definitely break and both of them will be hurt, equally.

CASE 2: One person leaves the rubber band.
then only the other person will be hurt.

What I am trying to say here is that the one holding onto to the rubber band which happens to be the Relationship till the very last moment, will end up hurt.

Relationship as we all know it is not a do or die affair. It is a stage that everyone has to go through at least once in their lifetime.

The question now is, when the relationship ends, who does it hurt the most, the guy or the girl? Some would say that based on the relationship that it would be the guy especially if he doesn’t get what he wanted, some would say that it is the girl because she loves with all of heart others would say that it depends on who put more into the relationship.

Sometimes the main cause of the hurt that is felt after due to how the relationship ended. I remember one of my earlier relationships that I ended just beacuse I got tired. It hurt me but not as much as it hurt the girl or another one in which I suggested we break up due to some trust issues. You never can know who it would hurt most when a relationship is still in progress.

I think the issue of who it hurt mosts should be thrown open, because when I asked among my friends, I got different responses. So what do you think??

David Kolade

The dude who just has a thing for media... For creating digital content... A mathematician on paper... A creative director in real time...

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