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The Last DC Crossover: Yay or Nay

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The Last DC Crossover: Yay or Nay

DC always try to incorporate a new crossover every year since about 3 years ago. so far so good the crossovers have always been the best part of their series. this is because their series is actually not always up to par, it does not actually mean their cross overs are always that good.

However, the crossover of this season was looking promising. why did you say? well in the past the only series they incorporate in the crossover are arrows, the flash, supergirl and legends of tomorrow. unlike that, this year they included 2 more series namely black lightning and batwoman.

The start of the crossover titled CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS was looking so promising the heroes of all 6 series came together to save not just all of humanity but all of humanity on all the earth in the multi-verse.

It was definitely action-packed with the fantastic starring of lucifer, yes you read right, lucifer from our favorite show lucifer. that was probably the highlight of the show for me.

The heroes were fighting the villain known as the ‘Anti monitor’, I mean who names these people right? At first, you know the usual, the heroes began to lose, but that wasn’t even the problem of the crossover.

The problem I had with it, is the same problem I have with all other DC series and movies, they have nice heroes but their storyline is always faulty. I mean, I might not be a very good writer myself but I know when a story is faulty.

The crossover started on a good note, the heroes coming together, fighting together, dreaming up ways to save the world. but in the end, the crossover couldn’t reach its potential, the way they saved the world was not that creative to me and the final fighting with the villain was just lazy writing.

But then this is just my opinion, you can watch it and share your own opinion and thoughts.

Keep reading theINFOnerds because I’d be doing series revies from time to time. thank you for reading.

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