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Top 3 Things Ladies Shouldn’t Do After Having Sex | Must Read


Top 3 Things Ladies Shouldn’t Do After Having Sex | Must Read

While having sex, vig_na tisuues swell and get lubricated which makes ladies vulnerable  to infections. Below are some tips I saw online that might help so I thought I should share them here:

Immediately after s3x most people relax which can be detrimental to your health sometimes.  If you want to keep your vag!nal healthy, it is suggested you never do these 3 things immediately after s3x.

You should stay away from these post-s3xual activities according to s3x and health experts.

Using soap to wash your lady bit: Most ladies feel dirty after s3x and want to use saop wash off which is totally wrong, stay away from soap when washing your vag!nal before or after s3x. Using soap can cause irritation, dryness or even allergic reactions, always remember the vag!na is self-cleansing and doesn’t need soap to be clean, use water instead.

Having your bath hot water: Bathing with hot water is very bad for your lady bit, hot water exposes you skin to bacteria and during s3x your vulva swells in response to s3xual stimulation which will reveal the opening of your vag!na and it automatically means you have a greater chance of getting infection. Hot water also reduces the efficiency of your skin’s antimicrobial barrier.

Forget to urinate after s3x: There is a good reason why you always need to pee after s3x, urinating after s3x helps clear every bacteria that might have entered your vag!na during s3x. “You can enjoy your cuddle time after s3x and empty your bladder afterwards” (within an hour).

I hope you found this piece useful. XOXOX

Bukunmi Oyelude

I'm what they call "The Quadruple" - I'm a minimalist, a conspiracy theorist, a budding writer, and an info nerd. I operate under the auspices of me. Nerd not noob.

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