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Top Nollywood Actress Admits She Is Sex-Starved


Top Nollywood Actress Admits She Is Sex-Starved

uche iwuji

uche iwuji

Beautiful Nollywood actress has spoken about her love life as well as her career in a recent interview after a long break from the limelight.

Some people have described marriage as an entrapment and for many showbiz stars it hasn’t particularly been something they would write a prose about.

For popular Nollywood star, Uche Iwuji, marriage started like a dream and she climbed onto the rooftops to tell the world what a terrific time she was having – then the bubble bust. Soon after she disappeared from the scene, not to be heard from.

Many reasons surfaced on the Internet for the breakup but no one has been able to get it straight from the horse’s mouth, Uche or her husband, Juwon Lawal, until now.Excerpts:
Do you think your marriage affected your career?Yes, in a positive way. People now see me as a matured woman. Some still address me as a Mrs. It only boosted my career.

Why do celebrity marriages fail because it seems to be a trend?

Not only celebrity marriages fail, it happens everywhere. It is somehow natural because people don’t really wish us well. They just say the marriage will soon crash and it will. This is because many people have made the prophecy.

Do you think this will affect your child?

I thank God for my child. Sometimes, when I even talk about his father, he just says “mummy don’ t talk about him”. They communicate on phone. He also calls me because I have a child with him.

Is it true you are unlucky with men as purported online?

Yes , I’ m not that lucky with men but I think I was lucky at a point. To have been married to my ex husband means luck was smiling at me. We only didn’t understand each other well.

Do you have any plan to remarry?

No way. I will marry my ex husband a million times again. No other man is good for me. I believe he will come back when he is ready.

How do you intend to manage s*x in his absence?

I am sex starved for now but I don’t really long for it. I have been without sex for a while now

Many celebrities these days now have tattoo?

Yes, I also have it but it’s not just too obvious.

Source: Vanguard

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