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[Video] Man Kneels Down To Propose To Girlfriend On Live TV | You Won’t Believe What Happened Afterwards


[Video] Man Kneels Down To Propose To Girlfriend On Live TV | You Won’t Believe What Happened Afterwards

A man got a really disappointed when he got on his knees to “pop the question” to his girlfriend live on television.Dawn-and-Jamie1

The man simply called Jamie was left devastated after his girlfriend, Dawn turned down his proposal live on popular TV Show, ‘Jeremy Kyle’.
Dawn knocked the sparkler out of Jamie’s hand as he kneeled down to ask for her hand in marriage because she believed he was cheating on her.
However, things took a surprising turn when she revealed she had in fact cheated on him.
Dawn started by revealing that she and Jamie had an incredible s*x life, claiming they like to tie each other up. She boasted about how well endowed he is and how good in bed he was.
However one day while she was out taking her dog for a walk, he slept with one of her friends.
Dawn and Jamie
Jamie pleaded with his partner: “It was one mistake. It was not my decision to not do the lie detector. The friend I had sex with was a one off.”
Putting at the ring, he said: “If I had I wouldn’t have bought this.”
Jeremy played a YouTube clip showing him singing along to a John Legend to say sorry for the incident with the friend.
But then he made Dawn admit that she had cheated on him by sleeping with someone else.
Distraught Jamie threw the engagement ring on the floor and shouted: “Twice you went behind my back, I made one mistake.”
Jeremy told them to draw a line in the sand and move on . He told them: “If you can’t get over it, move on. Put up or shut up.”
Watch the video below:

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