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Vivo Competes with Apples’ iPhone X in all Ramifications


Vivo Competes with Apples’ iPhone X in all Ramifications

Vivo unveils world’s first smartphone with in-display fingerprint scanner.

Vivo has finally unveiled world’s first smartphone with an in-display fingerprint scanner. The phone was unveiled by the Chinese device manufacturer at CES 2018. The company also demonstrated the functioning of the scanner and unlocking of the device. In-display, also called under-the-display or under-display fingerprint scanner, is a system where the sensor is placed right under the display screen which silently ‘retracts’ once the phone has been unlocked.

In-display fingerprint scanner was long awaited by smartphone fraternities since the advent of bezel-less displays. However, companies have failed repeatedly on ways to implement it, the latest one being Apple which reportedly made a failed attempt to incorporate the same onto its latest flagship phone the iPhone X.
Speaking at the event, Alex Feng, Senior Vice President of Vivo said, “Today’s showcase of a ready-to-produce in-display fingerprint scanning smartphone featuring an optical fingerprint sensor is a big leap forward in bringing consumers this long-awaited, futuristic mobile experience. We are very excited to make it available to consumers soon.”

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