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Why We Must Be Selfish To Become Successful | Must Read


Why We Must Be Selfish To Become Successful | Must Read

Life is a coin with two sides, been successful and unsuccessful. Even though success is considered to be relative depending on individual ambition, it doesn’t mean any human being set the course of his/her life to be unsuccessful.

The road to success is not always as straightforward as it is envisioned to be by most individuals but the first step towards it is “positive thinking” and then asking ourselves “are we really doing what it takes to be successful?”Trying to be the Mr. Nice guy by wanting to satisfy everyone is only showing one’s weakness(Yes! Been too nice is a weakness) because human being are never satisfied and it only end up making the success journey harder,strenuous and unreasonably longer.

To become successful and to be able to maintain the success, one has to be; DECISIVE, RUTHLESS and SELFISH… been this 3 things at a point in time might feel wrong but on the long run it will feel right when it has made you become successful.

Well, am going to spell out what I really mean by been “SELFISH”.

You must be;

  • S – strict
  • E – Enduring
  • L – lenient
  • F – friendly
  • I – Industrious
  • S – selfless
  • H – humble

Clement Ogunbajo

I'm the definition of 'Dynamic'. A mathematician, analyst and info nerd. I'm my own BOSS.

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