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Are you interested in writing or contributing to our platform on any of the following Categories: Reviews, Stories (series or short), Lifestyle & Fashion, or any other random interesting article?  Kindly read through below:

  • All post sent in should be original. No form of plagiarism is acceptable.
  • No post’s content should have any hint of racism or bias tendency towards any group/race.
  • Use of abbreviations is not allowed. Clarity is needed.
  • Pidgin Language is allowed if that will enable the message to be passed across in a proper manner.
  • All posts sent in must be accompanied with a thumbnail or image, as this enables our readers’ interest to be well captivated.
  • Publication of post sent in, is at the discretion of a Administrator. Either ways, writers would be contacted even if the post is not published.

Kindly mail us via if interested.
We will love to hear from you pretty soon.

Thank you.

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